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Well, darling, haypanem a little bit?

Anti-adip consists of "anti" and "haypah" , but I'm not talking about this now. Look at yourself, think about the best years of your life spent searching for strange words on the Internet, and fall into a depression like the Volga into the Caspian Sea. And let's do it without foolishness, right? Izi Izi . And then you still have a house in algebra is not learned, and Richard is not walking.

But let's return to our philological rams. "Anti-Hag" is roughly the same as "antiduring" minus Marxism, which, however, does not represent any value for the migratory evolution. The main messiah of the anti-adept is the Mason and quasirapere Oximiron, and his deputy is the hero of the second world battle named Gnoy . And if we translate the "anti-Hag" into a normal Russian language, then something like "we are against the mainstream , we are not pop, we are all so thoughtful and strange, and in general shut up and listen to our turnip." And yet, my friend, "Anti-Hell" is the name of a rapper label , which, judging by its name, no one should know.

Ain, zway, anti-chewing! Everyone falls into a singularity, take out the earphones and begin to learn the lessons. And then - masturbate and sleep. I said.

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