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The abbreviation ASV stands for "Deposit Insurance Agency". This is an interbank state body that operates in large amounts and insures depositors of Russian banks from troubles. It was established in 2004 and has since saved not one thousand customers of troubled banks from ruin.

How does DIA work?
1) All Russian banks that accept deposits from the public are MEMBERS to be members of the DIA and to deduct certain insurance amounts there. 2) DIA also receives profit from temporarily free money, investing them in various assets. 3) in the event of an insured event, such as revoking a license from a bank, depositors are entitled to compensation from the DIA, which, however, can not exceed 1.4 million rubles for one depositor. 4) DIA is entitled to a part of the debt of the bursting bank, and uses this money to compensate losses to future investors.

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