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A brand is not just a brand , a brand is a whole set of features that distinguish a company from the rest and make it easily recognizable among consumers.
The English word brand is translated as "a symbol that distinguishes the company from competitors". The creation, development and promotion of the brand is called branding.

The strength of the promoted brand is that people, with other equal qualities of the goods choose the famous brand. For example, the brand Sony ™ is a symbol of quality and reliability among music lovers. The brand can be not only the name of the brand, but also a more general concept. Ural gems are a brand! A healthy lifestyle is also a brand!

A classic example of brand work:
in Novosibirsk in July 2014, McDonald's opened. And although KFC is located nearby, offering the same set of nasty fast food, the McDonald's queue is 5 times longer, because McDonald's is a brand, damn it!

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