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Butthurth (it would be more correct to put stress on "a") is a slang word, literally translated from English, meaning "pain in the ass." Butthurt is the direct result of trolling or cyberbullying, but if you have steel eggs and tungsten nerves, your titanium ass is not a pain, because you will never get offended or annoyed by the caustic remarks of ridiculous networked people.

In Russian, although it is as great as Allah, and powerful as the wind, there is practically no analogue to the word "batthurt". Far from its synonyms can be considered such concepts as "resentment" and "irritation".

If you are offended on the Internet by evil trolls, do not torment yourself with batthurts, but simply press CTRL + ALT + DEL and take care of the charm of household chores.

Butthurth is listed: Slang

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