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G20 annexation apartheid Attache Boycott Breksa BRICS briefing FSU Bundestag Vatnik Veto Voluntarism Voluntarism VTsIOM hybrid warfare putsch State Department US Secretary Daishev dissident Spiritual ties of the ECHR Zrada LIH Impeachment Inauguration Integration Cadence Casus belli DPRK Caucus Consensus Confederation Party Lobby Mandate IMF Majlis Mediazona moratorium Mossad MOE NATO Nationalization Newbie New video of the Leningrad group "Candidate": everyone should watch right now! Regional Committee of the United Nations Open Russia Panama Documents Parity Pentagon Petition Plan B Platon Plebiscite Pluralism Political Correct Populism Right Primary Fifth Column Investigation FBK: apartments, villa and villa Vladimir Solovyov Rashism Results of the elections in Germany 2017 Reparations Referendum Referendum on independence of Catalonia 2017: all details Fish-gate Summit Satellites SBU Zionism UN Security Council CCA Tandem Tory TTP FBI FBI FSB FSO Haili Lycli Cold War Hunt Shatdowne Chauvinism SCO Exit-poll Electorate Embargo Yukos UNESCO

You learned where the word politika came from in simple words, its translation and meaning.
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