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What is Cea la vie

"C'a la Vie" (C'est La Vie, sometimes in Russian is written together: "Selyavi") is a French proverb , literally translated meaning "this is life".

This phrase is pronounced in a situation where nothing can be done, and it remains only to accept fate and accept life as it is. The saying "Selyavi" is a French version of Zen- Buddhism, which calls not to resist fate with its difficulties and troubles, in which, as every Frenchman knows, only women are to blame.

Cella la vie, ma cheri! * Relax and have fun! By the way, the well-known song of musketeers "It's time, we'll be glad" contains, for example, such lines:

Paris needs money, la la vi!
And the knights need him even more.
But what is a knight without love?
And what is a knight without luck ?

* - My dear (Fr.)

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