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Challenging (emphasis on the first "e") is a fashionable English word that can be translated as a "challenge", but not in the sense of an "incoming call" or "calling a parent to school", but in the context of the phrase "challenge" , that is, -Russian to "dilute to weak." In English this word is written like this: Challenge. The infamous American space shuttle "Challenger" could not challenge the cosmos, and the famous Ice Bucket Challenge became a meme. In the Russian language, the word "Challengage" today most often means some complicated task that must be fulfilled in order not to be a loh.

Well, wimp, do you want a cool challenge?
Try right now to take your smartphone in the teeth and wring it from the floor 10 times. Well done. Now go out on the balcony and three times in full voice prokokarekay. Is it weak? Challally lost .

Challenger is listed: Slang

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