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Chekin or check-in is a message sent by a person to the social network that he is in a certain geographical point of the globe.

Translated from English, the verb to check in means "mark on arrival". Stress in the word "Chekin" to "and". And in translation from English check-in is registration for the flight.

Particularly funny are the entries of the form "I'm at Red Square, Moscow", the facelm from which arises simply automatically.

The word "Chekin" even gave rise to the verb "check" , that is, to make a check in some place. For example: right now we'll get to Starbucks, we'll stop and have coffee.

There are programs that automatically determine the location of the hero and send chekin to all known social networks in the world. Chekin is a little less depressed than "scratching behind my left ear" to the famous narrow circle of the blogger Theme.

Chekin is listed: Slang

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