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Kambak (emphasis on "e") is a synonym for the Russian word "return", which was introduced into use by Zemfira at the very end of the 20th century.

Translated from English, "come back" really means "come back," but kambek is not just the return of a husband from a store with a string bag. Kambak is the return of a pop star with a new hit. Kambek is the return of Masha Sharapova to the court after the Meldoniev disqualification. Kambeck is, finally, the long-awaited triumph of some athlete, which everyone has already begun to forget.

And the song "Daisies", in which Zemfira Talgatovna sings "least of all I need your kambeki", no, no, and it sounds somewhere on the embankment of the city of Sochi.

Kamback is in the list: Slang

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