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Hay, yo, mazafaka. Diss is not a punch for you ! Diss is a real blow to the eggs of your vanity. Diss is a powerful hitting, it's a public whipping, a thick pin into your dirty mink. And the taste of the diss is always very bitter. Hey, I got you as a last bastard.

In short, it's about the night. Shall we make a noise? Diss is the main element of any rap-battles . With the help of dissks and pancakes, rappers humiliate each other as best they can, and the one who is better, prettier and more painful than the opponents' opponents wins in the battle.

And if you are so stupid and brainless that you have not yet driven in, what is a "diss", then here's an explanation for shkoloty: diss is a shorthand version of the word disrespect, which is translated from English as "disrespect."

Diss is in the list: Slang

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