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Downshifting is a process or act of changing the urban way of life "work-home-work" to a more calm and measured "village-buffalo-streamlet-wow-you-ladybird".

The English word downshifting is translated as "lowering the transmission". Stress on the first "and". Downshifter is the one who performed downshifting, that is, he voluntarily left the big city for a small village and now, instead of Moscow traffic jams, he stands on the bank of a stream somewhere in the village of Prostokvashino , drinks fresh milk and breathes in the smell of morning dew.

And what about the work? - predictably you ask. Alexander Druz answers: first, freelance has not been canceled yet, unless, of course, there is an Internet in your Muhosrano. Secondly, many downshifters give up boring office work and, you'll laugh, like a Cat Matroskin, they buy a cow and start sewing on the typewriter and somehow survive. In the end, your apartment in the city can be stupidly taken, receiving a small fee .

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