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The word drop (from the English verb drop , meaning "drop, drop") in the Russian language has several meanings.

First, a drop is a sale of a limited lot of some rare commodity. In this sense, a parallel with the Soviet times, when in the conditions of a deficit on the counters of shops, sometimes "threw away" imported goods, which was in great demand, is interesting.

Secondly, the drop means "falling out" of the domain from the list of employees when its former owner does not want or forgets to pay its registration for the next year. The domain itself in this case is called "dropped", that is, thrown to the mercy of fate, and who podsuetitsya, he also intercepts the domain himself.

Third drop is a weapon that a player has gained from a killed computer game character. The more abundant drop, the more serious the achivki.

Fourthly, the drop is a "front man" - a person performing the functions of an intermediary for all kinds of fraudulent transactions, when it is necessary to cover up tracks and not to substitute real performers.

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