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Dumping is the sale of goods at artificially low prices in order to enter the market, gain a foothold on it or damage competitors.

Dumping is a word borrowed from the English language. The verb to dump means "reset", the word dumping is read as "dumping", but in Russian it was rooted precisely as "dumping".

Dumping is used in many countries and industries. Here are the most common examples of dumping:

Sale of any goods at an ultra-low price in a supermarket, often below cost. The goal is to attract customers to the store, who will buy not only a dumping product, but also fill the basket with others that are sold at standard prices.

Sale of goods or services at a price below the market to enter the market and increase the customer base, and then gradually raise prices to the market average. This type of dumping is considered the most common among new market participants.

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