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Frick is a man who in olden times would be called "blessed" in Russia. Strangely dressed and suspiciously leading ones, today's freaks are not very similar to Old Russian freaks, but their business lives and triumphs, although the attitude to freaks in Russia is much less peaceful than in the world of clean-ups and Conchita Wurst. But let us turn to the dictionaries:

"Freak" - a man who stands out sharply for his unusual clothes or unusual behavior. Often, freaks profess any ideology, subculture or even religion. In this sense, the Hare Krishnas, dancing their harinam in the Siberian frost, are perfectly suited for demonstrating the concept of "freak" to the people wrapped up in a coat. In the modern sense, the word "Freak" is used in English since the 1960s, and in Russian - from the middle of the zero ones.

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