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Khayu-hard, with you Omsk "Vanguard". Today we will analyze examples of borrowing the English word hard , which is usually translated into Russian as "hard" or "difficult."

So, in the big tennis "hard" is a cover of the court, made of artificial materials laid on a solid foundation (asphalt or concrete). Hard is one of the most "predictable" coatings. On it, the ball always bounces the same, unlike, for example, from the grass courts.

In the world of gadgets "Hard Reset" (Hard Reset) is a complete reboot of the device with the return of its system to the "factory" settings. Hard Reset erases all data from the phone's memory and from a memory card inserted into it.

In music, "hard rock" is called a moderately heavy style, the most vivid performers in which the bands Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple are considered. In Russian rock, the coolest hard rock band is, of course, DDT.

And the word "hard" is included in several popular compound words, such as hardcore and hardcore .

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You learned where the word Hard came from in simple words, its translation and meaning.
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