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Healy Lycley (emphasis on "a" in both words) is a propaganda meme that was born in April 2018, after a runaway Russian intelligence agent, Sergei Skripal, was poisoned in England by a powerful paralytic chemical along with his daughter.

The English expression "highly likely" can be translated into Russian as "highly likely" or simply "very likely". This is an event in which there is no absolute certainty, but the evidence and signs suggest that it was so.

The British Prime Minister Teresa May, accusing the Russian special services of poisoning the Violins, used this phrase. The Russian cotton community picked it up with the well-known plot twist: "you're lying", "what your evidence" and in general, they were Czechs with Swiss, and great Russia has nothing to do with it.

And still yes, if you were looking for highli lycli in the internet, then hailli lycli, that you taught German at school, or from the heart were hammered into English lessons.

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