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Hipster (from English Hipster ) is the name, sometimes slightly disdainful, of the "golden" youth from the big cities, who like fashionable "vintage" clothes, iPhones with instagrams, mirrors, sneakers and other useless paraphernalia. You can say that hipsters are modern style.

Hipsters, unlike, for example, from gopoty, do not materyatsya through the word, do not sit on the courts, like to go to the movies and generally behave decently . This is the youth of the so-called "middle class", which can afford a fashionable outfit, stylish cars and expensive accessories.

In connection with the recent boiling of shit on the topic of falsification of "elections", hipsters began to be accused of sympathy for the protest movement. But this sympathy is not the fault, but rather the merit of hipsters.

Here is some pro-Kremlin rumors about hipsters, which, however, gives a very precise idea of ​​who they are.

Hipster is listed: Slang

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