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Love or love (emphasis on "e") is just money in the translation from the Gypsy language. The phrase "catch nene" means "there is no money", gild the pen, you will live a long time.

In Russian, the word "lovet" is used, as a rule, in the middle genus and does not incline. Use this word must be very carefully, so that you do not take for a gypsy, and they did not take you to the camp with them.

An example of use: in the project "Citizen Poet" in 2011, in one of the issues where Sergei Mikhalkov parodied, there were such lines:

All without noise and dust free
For a decent lover
This party entered
With Uncle Stepy at the head.
And she is easy and honest,
Without special ideas,
Took second place
By the number of b ... b ...

Lave is listed: Slang

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