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Pawnshop (emphasis on "a") is a firm whose main activity is the issuance of loans secured by valuables and other liquid assets.

How does the pawnshop work?
You bring him gold, you are estimated at X rubles and give 0.7 * X rubles in cash at 1% per day. If you do not return the debt, your rings and earrings become the property of a pawnshop. If money is needed desperately, and there is no gold, you can take it to the pawnshop of your vehicle's car and in case of a debt default on your car, the owner of the pawnshop will drive.

The word "Lombard" comes from the name of the area of ​​Lombardy, which is located in the north of Italy. Here in the Middle Ages a lot of businessmen flourished, not always clean on hand, who offered people loans on the security of jewelry.

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