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Labuteny, they are also Lubutens - women's shoes with a high heel from the French designer shoes Christian Louboutin (Christian Louboutin). Shoes at Lubuten doroguschy and therefore are considered a sign of wealth and luxury. A distinctive feature of labutenes is the scarlet color of the underside of the sole.

The labutenes became especially popular thanks to the song "Exhibit" of the group "Leningrad", a video clip for which was released in early 2016 and has already become a meme. The line "On labutenah nah and in rapturous pants" instantly scattered over the Internet and turned into a catch phrase. The heroine of the clip is going on a date in shoes, borrowed from a friend and carefully repainted "under the Labutene" with scarlet nail polish.

Do not paint the soles of the soles of high shoes, use comfortable shoes produced by the Uryupinsk shoe factory.

Labutena is listed: Slang

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