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What is Loucost

Low - cost or low-coster is a low-cost airline, saving on additional services during the flight, such as meals and free baggage allowance, and due to this, offering lower prices for air transportation. In the literal translation from English Low - "low", and Cost - "cost". The stress in the word " loukost" is put on the second "o".

Most modern loukosterov fly to close (up to 3 hours flight) distance and use the same type of fleet of aircraft with a complete layout of "economy class", usually a Boeing-737 or Airbus-320 with fuel-efficient engines. Another point of saving is the use of provincial airports, where the cost of maintenance is lower. The business model of the loukost is quite risky and requires careful consideration and non-standard solutions. Therefore, it is not always possible for low-costers to make a profit .

The most famous loukosterami in the European market are Irish RyanAir, British EasyJet and Hungarian WizzAir. In Russia in 2009-2011 there was a budgetary airline Avianova. Since 2014, Aeroflot has launched a good loukoster "Victory", for half a year entered the top ten largest airlines in Russia.

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