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What is luxury?

Do you want a hare, a laxaire of a child? The English word Luxury is pronounced "laxheri" (emphasis on "a") and means only "luxury" or "luxurious." Since in Russia ponies are the key to success, the "laxheri fashion" sounds more appealing to the consumer than "luxurious clothes". That's why weird words for Russian ears come into our mighty language. The costs of capitalism, karoch.

Luxury cars are not just "cool cars", they are "laxhers"! That is Bentley, Lamborghini, full exclusive , golden armrests, alloy wheels, mini-bar, VIP- service and that's it.

Luxury fashion is not just gorgeous clothes, it's "laxtery"! So Dolce Gabbana, haute couture , bruljants and natural silk.

Luxury home is not just a "chic mansion", it's "laxtery"! So, Rublevka, an individual project, three floors and a personal golf course. Do you understand, losers ?

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