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Mining (stress on "a") is the "extraction" of the crypto currency by calculating the special blocks that give the right to receive a certain number of virtual coins. In English, mining means "extraction"; this word comes from mine (mine) and in English can also mean traditional coal mining.

Mining crypto currency occurs on special "farms", where hundreds and thousands of processors and video cards are installed, simultaneously calculating treasured codes.

With each month and year , the crypto currency is becoming more complicated and complicated. This is due to a cunning algorithm, according to which the total number of coins that can be zamjannit, asymptotically tends to a certain finite value.

In 2017, the rate bitkoyna , the most popular crypto currency, went off scale and jumped to a mark of 3000 dollars for one bitkoyn. This leap generated another wave of "mining fever", which even led to a temporary shortage of video cards in stores.

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