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Old school

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Old school (emphasis on "y") is any disregard for modern technology and the desire to do everything "in the old fashion", with grandfather methods. In a translation from English into Russian, the phrase "old school" means just "old school". Hence the adjective "old school", that is, "made in the old manner", without the use of modern twists. For example, if someone is said to be an "old school photographer", this means that he uses a Soviet camera "Zenith" and displays the film in a bath with a solution. In short, a shkolota, accustomed to millions of selfies on their gadgets , do not understand such exploits.

Among music lovers old school can be considered vinyl records or cassette tape recorders , and in mobile technologies - SMS-correspondence and push-button phones with a monochrome screen.

Sometimes the old school returns to the market and becomes a hot trend ! For example, it happened with the Nokia 3310 phone, and a few years earlier - with the Volkswagen Beetle car, resurrected after a powerful restyling . And even earlier, in the middle of the twentieth century, a whole people spoke in a language that died out 2000 years ago as a colloquial language.

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