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On repite

Hi, how are you? Hi, how are you? Yo, hello, how are you? They say that the song is on "repite" (emphasis on "and"), when it is simply impossible to stop listening to it. Who is the track Oksimirona about the city under the heel is "naripidi" - that cool connoisseur of Russian turnip. And if you have a "cupcake on the kitchen table on a rehash in your head", then you probably really want to eat and Timati listen.

And for those who are wearing headphones, we inform: the English word "Repeat" is pronounced "repet" and means "repetition". In any smartphone or player there is a function of repeating the track again and again and again and so on until the text is learned by heart. So "narepite" it simply "on repetition".

Want a cool challenge ? Those who listen to the following song on the "repite" 10 times, will go to the astral and establish a connection with the alien civilization.

Repeat is in the list: Slang

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