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What is OS?

OS is not a big and fat MUH , but a complex and powerful one.

The operating system (in common parlance "operating system" or even "axis") is not equipment in the operating room, but a complex software package that allows you to manage the resources of the computer, run various applications on it, and provide user interaction with the computer and applications. O Peration System is, if you will, the "firmware" of any computer, tablet or smartphone, which turns it from an incomprehensible piece of iron into an intelligent device.

The most famous and popular operating system for computers is the Windows family, developed by Microsoft. In the world of smartphones and tablets, the most popular was the Android operating system - the development of Google on the basis of the Linux operating system of one hot Finnish guy. The independent and fashionable firm Apple has its own operating system, which is called, you are surprised, iOS .

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