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Pindos (emphasis on "o") is a disparaging name for Americans among Russian and Ukrainian cotton wool . This word became especially popular after Mikhail Zadornov's scandalous monologues about Americans, the key topic was "Well, dumb!", And after the Anschluss and Russian worlds "Pindostan" firmly rooted in the language of Russian cattle as a mocking synonym for the United States.

The word "Pindos", oddly enough, is Greek. It occurs from the mountainous area of ​​Pind in the north of Greece, where simple and close Greeks lived, whom their metropolitan comrades did not respect very much. Over time, the word "pindos" migrated to Odessa and the northern Black Sea coast, where in the XIX century they were already called all the visiting Greeks. At the beginning of the XXI century, after the war in Kosovo, the Pindos unexpectedly began to call the Americans. Apparently, a drunken Odessa citizen got into Russian troops and decided to compare these stupid Americans with the near Greeks.

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