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Prank is an evil rally, bordering on rudeness, for which it is possible to get a muzzle as well. The word prank is English, it can be translated as a "mocking rally". The one who conducts such jokes is called ... correctly, a pranker ! Sit down, five! Oops, I glued you on a chair. Nothing, my mother laundered, sit still.

Especially popular among the pranks are telephone drawings. Of course, because the subscriber at that end of the wire is difficult to clean his face. Here also these voivans call various kinds of celebrities (do not ask me where they take their numbers) and are represented, for example, by the generals of the FSB. Then merge the conversation record into the Internet. So itself jokes, karoch. And in general, пранк not necessarily should be made by phone: who though time woke up in pioneer camp with the smeared tooth-paste the face, that will understand.

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