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Sits half-wits, knowledge from Yandex klyancha ...
He's a loser, he's not in the subject, he's looking for the meaning of panca! Round!

Punch (from the English punch - "punching") is a word from rappers jargon. Yo, mazafaka, you, of course, know that during the battles you can not beat (or even touch) rappers to each other, that's why pancas are verbal punches, mostly rhymed and with knowledge of the opponent's "weaknesses", aimed at maximum humiliation of the opponent in battles . Learn to come up with pungent pancakes, jerk, otherwise you'll fight all the battles, and you will never be invited to Versus.

What is the difference between punch and diss ? This is practically synonymous, because with each panchem you express the opponent a complete disrespect.

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