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Panchlayn (emphasis on the second "a") is an insulting statement about a rival by rappot, or just to run into trouble. In English, punch means "punching the Mordas", and "line" is in this case "a line from the text." So it turns out that punchline is a "textual strike" for the self-esteem of an opponent.

Panchlayny can be both rectilinearly coarse, and exquisitely cunning, where in the disguised form hurt the most cruel mental flaws of the opponent.

Here is an example of a panchlain from the famous Battle of Oximiron with the Purulent. Here the Purulent is hurt by the fact that Oxy has British citizenship.

"Che, so sick for Russia, that on the nerves lost ganglia? But when there were rallies, where were you sitting? In England!"

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