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A smartphone is a phone that has a stuffing and functionality almost like a computer. The English word smart means "smart", so that any smartphone, if its owner is not blond, can solve a lot of purely "computer" tasks: installing programs, connecting to the Internet, multitasking, office applications, games and so on. Today, smartphones with touch screens have finally superseded from the market "ordinary" button phones, left by the lot of people of senior retirement age. Among modern smartphones, the iPhone and Samsung flagships are in the lead.

How does a smartphone differ from a phone?
First, firmware . Each smartphone must have a flexible and powerful operating system, such as Android or iOS, which allows you to install third-party applications. Secondly, iron. Modern smartphones have powerful processors and video cards, the amount of RAM is estimated at gigabytes, and the screens amaze with their brightness and responsiveness. But all these nishtyaks have one essential flaw: they too quickly eat the battery. So do not even try to buy a smartphone with a battery capacity of up to 4000 mAh - you will swear yourself and your smartphone for eternal torment at the outlet!

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