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What is Soryan

Sorian is a universal mantra , allowing the offender to make amends for his offended person. Saying the word "sorians" you need with guilty face and trying to narrow the brow, before which you nasosyachili.

"Soryan, brotherello, I'm inadvertently," and indeed, even Sasha Borodach asked the Sorianschi for the cops, that is, simply understand and forgive. Sometimes, as Elton John sang correctly, a Sorainich reluctantly flies out of his mouth, but is critically needed for reconciliation and reloading. But just hear, student, do not you dare ask a soryanchik from a professor for a badly learned ticket. In communicating with older people, instead of a youthful, more traditional "excuse me, please."

But for those who have not yet climbed out of the tank, we say: the word "sorians" comes from the English "sorry", which means "guilty, and sensually I apologize" in Russian.

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