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Hey yo, man. Hey.
Spinner (emphasis on "and") is a fashionable toy, consisting of four bearings, one of which is located in the center, and three others, in short, around the edges, well, you understand. The spinner is clamped between the thumb and forefinger, and then unwinds at a frenzied speed! Into! Sensations are inexpressible, karoch. American boys are delighted. Well, in Russia there is still a deficit of spinners, so try to make yourself (the video is slightly lower).

The English verb to spin is translated as "spinning, spinning", so spinner is just a "twist". Keck. Spinner was invented by an American mother who has a child with autism, well, or what, and, in 2017, the spinner became an absolute hit with shkolota.

Spinner is in the list: Slang

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