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Dumps are not only the name of the mainstream Russian rock band with second-class hits . By the way, the name of the band is written with a deliberate spelling mistake: Splean instead of Spleen. This can be regarded as an unfortunate nod in the direction of the Beatles, which also distorted the word Beetle.

The English word Spleen is still great Pushkin translated as "spleen," although in its original sense it means "spleen." And in fact, when you are sad, you often scratch somewhere near the left side. In general, spleen is a condition of unreasonable melancholy and depression, which can not be cured by vodka, and can not be discarded with a discotheque. If you have spleen, then it's time for you either to a psychologist or to Sochi. True, for the second you need to know the opponent's cards.

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