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Teaser is a "teaser" - a piece of material that has not yet come out in music, cinema, literature or advertising. The English verb to tease means "teasing". The stress in the word "teaser" is put on the letter "and".

Teaser can be a fragment of a new, not yet released song or even an entire album. Teasers are often used in advertising campaigns, when a tempting message initially appears, without specifying what exactly the speech is about, and later there is a "disclosure of cards" and we learn what we are advertised for.

The task of any teaser is to attract the attention of the audience, to intrigue her with something unusual, and at times even bold, provocative or frightening. A well-known example of tipping advertising could be observed in 2006 during the rebranding of the mobile operator MTS: people walked through the streets with the image of an egg and the signature "what is this?". However, many already knew the "secret" information that this is the new MTS logo, so the teaser was a little spoiled.

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