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Yo, mazafaka.

Flexing (emphasis on "e") is a youth verb, borrowed from the English language through rap tusovka. Translated into a more understandable Russian language, it means "boasting" or "pontovat'sya."

The English verb "to flex" is used in the same meaning. The roots of this verb in English grow from the word flexible (flexible). When a person bends his hands to show his muscles or sits on a string to demonstrate his awesome stretching, he is without a doubt, a full flex. As a result, it turns out that "flexing" means "to play with muscles" or "to strip the jar".

For example, the rapper Rich Homie Quan has this line:
I is not gotta flex, boy I got it, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
That is: I do not want to show off, but I have it all.

Another meaning of the word is flexing - swaying into the rhythm of some rap composition.
For example: dude, go to the concert Husky, pofleksim properly.

Flex is listed: Slang

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