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Tyan is a Japanese diminutive suffix, which is added to the name of a loved one, usually younger in age. So, for example, if we said Andrei-chan, it would have turned out something like "Andryushenka." This suffix in Japan is used in relation to both boys and girls. To use the suffix "chan" in relation to unfamiliar people in Japan is considered rudeness. We do not call our emperor "Volodenkaya". Or call it? ...

In the Russian Internet slang, the word "chan" is especially popular among fans of anime, and it means simply "girl" . One of the most famous expressions with this word is the phrase "chan is not needed", which symbolizes the rejection of some of the guys from romantic relationships. The word "chan" in Russian is not inclined. For example: "There are a lot of young and beautiful chans in this chat room."

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