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The underdog (emphasis on "o") is, in a broad sense, the weaker of the two rivals of the duel, the "second number". In general, the word is funny: Under in English it means "below, under," and Dog is just a "dog". So it turns out that the underdog is such a "podobachnik"? Or a "dog of lower rank"? Antonym to the word "underdog" is the word "favorite", much more familiar to the Russian ear. Moreover, electronic dictionaries still emphasize the word "underdog" with a red line as a mistake and offer instead the famous storyteller Anderson. In sports, sometimes it happens that the underdog defeats the favorite, but for this we love them: both sport and daring underdogs. By the way, Vladimir Vysotsky's song "The Sentimental Boxer" was written on behalf of the obvious underdog, who eventually "raised his hand".

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