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The quilted jacket is a scornful name for the Russian hurray-patriot , clothed in a quilted stereotypes about Russian cattle, in a quilted sweatshirt of a dark gray color. The quilted jackets are an old-new sort of sovkhoz , grown up in the dashing 90s and got a stable zero opportunity to scream on the Internet about what if nepoutinktokto, Slavorossia and, finally, at least a bit less.

Patrons sincerely believe that Russia is the greatest country in the world, that Europe is about to end, and that Putkin is a visionary-genius leader given to Russia by the god. At the same time, the standard of life of a quilted jacket is ten times lower than the European one, and the authorities treat the watnikas as loyal zombie cattle, to whom only you give that TV chewing gum about Bandera, liberists and stupid amerikos.

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