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Vinishko Tian

Vinishko chan - so they call strange girls and guys who wear short haircuts, dye their hair in freakish colors and listen to just awful music, like Russian rapper Face ( eshkere! ) And his ilk. And they like to read strange books, which, however, is very commendable, given the current illiterate times.

The Japanese word "chan" in the Russian-language Internet means "girl", but you probably already tried the vinishka on a new year, confess, shkolotenok! The history of the meme "vishishko-chan" goes back to the distant summer of 2017, when one of the users of the forum "dvoch" called this phrase the young generation of painted girls. Why "vishishko"? The fact that "vishishko-chan" is often seen for the use of cheap alcoholic beverages, which even the wine does not turn to call wine. But vinishkom ... and then not always.

Vinichko chan is in the list: Slang

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