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What is voila

Voila (emphasis on "I") is a French word , which after the revolution of 1917 and Russia's cleansing from the intelligentsia is used extremely rarely, much less often than "check-in" or "fall-out".

Verbatim the phrase Voi la can be translated as "look-ka . " It is used as an interjection, before any important compilation or unexpected turn in the narrative, in order to draw the attention of the listener to the importance of what has been said. Especially running this word is the jugglers, who, before pulling their hare out of the hat, simply have to shout to the public: Voila!

Examples of use and quotation:

How many delights in this law! But sad sometimes, voila !
(Bulat Okudzhava, "Parisian fantasy")

However, it's hard to write about your favorite city - you do not notice any shortcomings, you exaggerate your dignity and - voila - objectivity as it never happened.
(Essay "Batumi: Old and New Architectural Forms")

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