"Ural" - "Lokomotiv": account and online broadcast of the match - news of the day

"Ural" - "Lokomotiv": forecast, account and online broadcast of the match

Ural "Ural" and "Locomotive" from the Mother See played in the Cup final on May 2, 2017, and we watched the course of this match and conducted its online broadcast. The match began at 18:45 Moscow time at the stadium "Fisht" in Sochi.

The match is finished!
Ural 0: 2 Lokomotiv

90th (+3) minute: FRAUDING IN THE FIELD! And the final sweep!

90th minute: And again GOOOOOOO! scores Loko. Miranchuk sends the ball into the top nine.

76th minute: Denisov scores GOOOOOO! After a powerful series of attacks by Loco.

50-th minute: more alive footballer has gone! Goalkeeper "Ural" in the case!

46th minute: THE SECOND TIME STARTED , someone must score.

45th minute: SWISS ON THE BREAK , rest 15 minutes from this boring spectacle.

The 40th minute: Lokomotiv is active, but somehow passive.

15th minute: Boring football while on the field.

10th minute: Ari was dangerously beating on goal of "Ural"! Goalkeeper on the spot.

1st minute: MATCH BEGIN , Loko is tearing forward.

The history of personal meetings between the Urals and Lokomotiv:
Eight games have been played, two wins from the Ural, two draws and four times stronger was Lokomotiv.

The text of the note was updated on May 2, 2017 at 20:48 Moscow time

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