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WADA - what is it? The meaning of a word, definition, origin, translation


WADA is an international organization responsible for doping control in the most important competitions and regulating the list of prohibited preparations. WADA was founded on November 10, 1999 in Lausanne (Switzerland) to coordinate and strengthen the fight against doping . For this purpose, WADA has developed a special anti-doping code , which is mandatory for compliance with the vast majority of international competitions in Olympic sports.

The English abbreviation WADA stands for W orld A nti- D oping A gency, which in Russian means "world anti-doping agency". Often in the media is written russified version of this abbreviation - WADA . Today the main headquarters of WADA is located in Montreal (Canada). Financing of WADA is carried out by the International Olympic Committee in conjunction with the governments of a number of developed countries.

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