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YouTube (YouTube) is the most popular service in the world for placing and viewing videos, rabbits, cossacks, dogs and appeals of Navalny to plant Medvedny. Often the word "uitüb" in the Russian language is written with variations: "uteyub", "yuteub" or even "uitub" have roughly the same circulation, since this word is not very digestible for Russian speakers.

The name "YouTube" consists of the English words "You" and "Tube" (trumpet, telly, box). So in the free translation of "YouTube" it's "YourTelek". The site was opened by a group of talented American guys in 2005, and a year later was bought with the giblets of an Internet giant named Google. On YouTube, there are millions of videos, some of which have several billion views. And all these clips are stored on a USB flash drive in the pocket of Sergey Brin, believe me.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Site URL: YouTube.com

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