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Zashqvar is a fashionable, youth-slang synonym for such words as "delirium," "idiocy," "shame," or "insanity." However, "zashkvar" is not just a descent from coils or flight of geese, it is a complete collapse from an oak tree with heavy consequences for the psyche. And also the zashqvar is complete, this is when absolutely kisa ku-ku and you need to call zero-three. The etymology of the word "zashkvar", apparently, goes back to the word "cracklings" (overcooked pieces of food), that is, "zashkvar" is a complete burnout of the brain on a strong fire. There is another version, which says that in prison jargon "zashvaritsya" means "fuck up" or "get dirty", that is completely disgraceful before the team.

Examples of use: "Your new striga is a complete zashqvar!" Or "At first he behaved adequately, but after a couple of hours he just got stung, and I decided to make my legs in a quick way."

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